Компания МСК банер
Компания МСК банер
Компания МСК банер
Компания МСК банер
Компания МСК банер
Компания МСК банер


MSC is an independent private company that provides the professional services as follows:

• quality and quantity inspection of a wide range of industrial and agricultural products, consumer goods
• quantity inspection at warehouses, at ports and at loading / unloading places of bulk materials (coal, coke, ferroalloys, etc.)
• supervision on the railway wagons production
• expediting
• technical supervision
• technical audit
• survey services

The Сompany's personnel are competent and experienced employees who have undergone special training in accordance with their specialization and have considerable experience working at various facilities in Ukraine, the CIS countries and abroad.
Services provided by MSC Company allow our customers:

• to reduce business risks associated with the likelihood of supplying low-quality products or inappropriate quantities
• to monitor and inspect the full production cycle
• to ensure the supply of quality goods, freight or services in full

Due to that our customers have the opportunity to improve their operational efficiency, competitiveness and sustainable development.
We work in the main industries as follows:

• industrial sector (oil and gas sector, metallurgy, mechanical engineering, consumer goods, laboratory research)
• agrarian sector (grain crops survey , laboratory research)
• logistics and transport

MSC is a full organizational member of ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) and a full member of ITA (International Pipe Association). Individual membership in ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) was also obtained.

MSC has two own laboratories:

• laboratory of Non-Destructive Testing and Technical Diagnostics
• measuring Grain Crops Laboratory


Инспекции и технические аудиты


Independent production process inspections, delivery and sale process support allow our customers to reduce significantly the risks associated with probability defective products delivery, inappropriate quantity or with an incomplete set of accompanying documents.
Production process inspection, production control
Full production process can be controlled by our specialists as follows:

• input materials and components control
• visual control and control measurements
• technological operations control at all production stages
• control of preparation and protective coatings application
• marking verification
• welded joints quality control
• verification of personnel qualification documents, materials testing protocols, availability of calibration protocols for test and measuring instruments

Also MSC experts perform:

• preloading inspection
• loading/unloading inspection
quantity inspection at warehouses, at ports and at loading / unloading places of bulk materials (coal, coke, ferroalloys, etc.)
• railway wagons production supervision

Technical audit helps to solve as follows:

• assessment of a manufacturers ability to meet the Customer`s needs in a timely manner with the proper quality and appropriate amount of products amount
• verification of potential goods and services suppliers at time of preparation and tenders conduct in order to assess the reliability and real capabilities of participants
• carrying out of manufactures technical analysis


Орган инспекции


At the modern inspection market survey services have acquired particular importance in the cargo transportation process. Initially the survey involved an examination or inspection of something and related mainly to ships. However, today the concept of survey has acquired a more extensive meaning. In the existing inspection practice, the term survey means inspection and evaluation than includes an extensive list of functional duties and can be performed in various areas of both the transport process and the production process.

Surveyor services carried out by MSC specialists are an independent quantitative and qualitative assessment of a cargo and vehicle condition, while inspecting the quality of loading and cargo securing.

MSC Company survey services are especially in demand, taking into account the peculiarities of grain transportation. Due to possible violations of the storage and transportation conditions, grain crops may become unusable because of various diseases. The diseases type and extent of grain can be assessed only by a laboratory method. Our company has a modern Measuring Grain Crops Laboratory that allows to study any problem regarding crops diseases. We provide the Customer with a qualified expert issue on the first request.

Grain Crops Survey includes:

• grain crops cargo expertise
• grain crops cargo surveyor transportation support
• laboratory tests of samples at different transportation stages

In addition within other survey types we also perform:

• pre-loading cargo inspection
• weight control if necessary
• containers / wagons (empty and loaded) inspection
• cargo tally list
• draft survey
• holds/cars conditions check on readiness for loading
• stowage and cargo securing checking
• installation, removal, check of seals for compliance with accompanying documents
• photo and video monitoring
• reports issue




MSC provides expediting services actively that are becoming increasingly popular with customers.

Expediting gives confidence that the project or order will be implemented within the prescribed time frame, taking into account possible risks at time of order execution and with granted recommendations, thus avoiding disruptions in the product delivery schedule.

Expediting involves our specialists participation in the full production cycle, starting from an audit of the supplier of raw materials, raw materials supply itself, production process and products shipment. While the technical inspectorate informs and issues a report only about the production status and product quality. Based on customer needs expediting can be executed in various volumes and at different stages of the production cycle.

Логистика и транспорт


MSC has at the disposal:

• non-Destructive Testing and Technical Diagnostics Laboratory (NkiTD Laboratory)
• measuring Grain Crops Laboratory

Measuring Grain Crops Laboratory
Providing professional inspection services to clients as well as sampling and analysis services, it's very important that they are performed by an independent laboratory capable to provide a full range of laboratory tests. MSC has a Measuring Grain Crops Laboratory that is located in Dnipro city. The laboratory is equipped with modern instruments, equipment and inventory and there are all necessary facilities 
for determining:

• organoleptic indicators
• physico-technical indicators

for crops such as:

• wheat
• barley
• corn
• rapeseed
• soy
• sunflower, etc.

In addition MSC has working experience with laboratories accredited at NAAU on state standards in accordance with ISO / IEC 17025 DSTU, in which we have the opportunity
to order additional research such as:

• safety indicators: toxic elements, mycotoxins, pesticides
• radionuclides content : cesium-137 activity, strontium-90 activity
• genetically modified organisms (GMOs) content

The Measuring Grain Crops Laboratory is certified by the Dnipropetrovsk Regional Center for Standardization, Metrology and Certification. The laboratory is also a member of the international association of grain and feed trade GAFTA.

Non-Distructive Testing and Technical Diagnostics Laboratory (NC & TD Laboratory)
Features of the laboratory include:

• linear-angle measurements
• wall thickness control by ultrasonic method
• thickness of non-metallic coatings control
• hardness control
• discontinuities (flaw detection) control


Индустриальное направление


MSC company specialists are qualified inspectors and experts in the field of quality control of finished products, semi-finished products and raw materials in the metallurgical, oil and gas and engineering sectors, as well as in the technical supervision of the construction of pipelines, buildings and structures of any complexity, both industrial and civil destination. In the industrial sector, MSС carries out different inspections and audits. In particular such as:
services for metallurgical, oil and gas industries:

• pre-production audits of manufacturers
• flat products, structural shapes, pipes and other metal products inspection
• pressure vessels inspection
• submersible equipment inspection
• valves inspection
• compressor equipment inspection

• industrial pumps inspection
• modular equipment inspection
• electrical equipment inspection
• drilling equipment inspection
• gas turbine engines inspection
• refineries construction / reconstruction supervision
• supervision on the pipe construction in the oil and gas industry

MSC also performs:

• equipment inspection for the oil and gas sector that includes the inspection control of the equipment supplied (block, tank, submersible and electrical equipment) for the needs of oil producing companies, produced according to the special customer requirements. This inspection type was carried out at 65 enterprises in the CIS, China, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Europe

• equipment inspection for oil refineries that includes the inspection control of equipment supplied for the needs of these enterprises, which is produced according to special technical customer requirements. This inspection type was carried out at 14 enterprises in the CIS and Ukraine

• railway wagons production supervision


Аграрное направление


MSC is a member of the International Grain and Feed Trade Association GAFTA as Superintendents and Surveyor Members. Taking into account that Ukraine is an agricultural country and one of the world leaders in grain production, our strategy is to expand inspection services provision in the agricultural sector.

In the agricultural sector we provide inspection services for the following products:

• food and feed wheat
• barley
sunflower and rapeseed
compaound feedstuff
sunflower and palm oil
raw sugar
citrus fruits

We perform:

• grain cargo inspection
surveyor support of grain transportation
laboratory tests of samples at different transportation stages
inventory at warehouses and elevators

That includes
railway wagons loading / unloading inspection:

• checking the technical condition and cleanliness of the wagons before loading
• continuous monitoring of loading / unloading
• control of empty and loaded wagons outweighing
• sampling at the loading process in accordance with GOST, DSTU and GAFTA requirements
• creation of daily, lottery and composite samples for the batch of products shipped
• carrying out quality analyzes on selected / submitted samples in accordance with customer specifications
• carrying out sealing of hatches and railway wagons
• daily informing the customer about the loading / unloading progress

pre-shipment cargo inspection at the port or line elevator:

• proof of cargo
• determination of the cargo amount in silos or storage depots
• inspection of cargo storage conditions
• visual inspection of cargo quality
• sampling and forming of representative samples
• carrying out of quality analyzes on selected / submitted samples in accordance with customer specifications
• photo report issue
• final reports and certificates issue

quality and quantity inspection at loading on a ship:

• inspection of holds cleanliness before loading to check the suitability for grain transportation
• outweighing control on the port scales or elevator scales
• determination of the cargo amount according to the draft of the vessel by the method of draft survey
• constant monitoring of loading
• sampling at loading and the formation of lottery and composite samples
• carrying out quality analyzes on selected samples in accordance with customer specifications
• daily informing the customer about the loading
• daily and final photo reports issue
• sealing of vessel holds
• final reports and certificates issue


Логистика и транспорт


Inspections in logistics and transport guarantee you the terms of delivery as well as you will be confident in the quality of the delivered goods. Highly qualified MSC specialists perform independent inspection:

inspection at supply of services:

• supplier qualification assessment
• audit of supplier’s production
• quality control of materials, parts and finished products
• verification of documentation, certificates, quantities, packaging and labeling
• control of loading and unloading operations
• preloading inspection (quantity, weight)

inspection at supply of goods:

• batch quality control
• production quantities control
• product marking control
• quality packaging of goods control
• product specifications control
• functioning control

freight forwarding inspection:

• transport audit
• cargo preliminary information
• pre-loading inspection
• damage inspections
• cleanliness checks
• loading and unloading control
• sampling for analysis


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MSC expands the scope and areas of inspection service provided. We are focused on the Customer's requirements and needs. Experienced and highly skilled employees are one of our main assets.
At the moment we need the specialists as follows:

Grain Corns Quality Control Inspector


• higher education, secondary technical agrarian
• knowledge of the order to control the grain quality
• knowledge of methods to determinate the grain quality, transportation requirements, acceptance, storage, sampling procedure and evaluation of samples for laboratory analysis
• responsibility, sociability
• business travels


• grain quality inspection at time of / storage / shipment
• analysis of complaints and claims regarding product quality, preparation of responses to complaints

Director on Development / Inspection Services in the Agricultural Sector


• higher education: economic (with course "Quality Management"), technical (with course "Quality Management"), agrarian (with course "Quality Management")
• knowledge of grain corn market
• knowledge of standards and technical conditions for grain crops
• grain quality control experience
• experience of acceptance and grain quality laboratory testing
• high communication skills, responsibility, diligence, active life position, customer focus, the desire for self-development
• to be ready for business travels
• working experience at grain trading company is welcome


• development of an effective strategy and business development plan for the inspection services provision in the agricultural sector
• preparation of proposals for the development of new business areas, the development of new markets
• to calculate the effectiveness of business development projects
• to analyze economic, financial indicators at each stage of development projects
• constant monitoring of the situation in this area
• preparation of commercial offers, presentations, contracts

• organization and negotiation
• developing customer partnerships
• participation in exhibitions, conferences, symposia as a speaker or participant

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